1. What ropes work better for different climates and weather conditions?

The vast majority of Cactus team ropes will feel great in temperatures of 75 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. As temperatures increase over 75 and creep into the eighties and nineties, a full nylon rope such as the C4, Hypnotic, Prodigy, and Mojo are recommended. As temperatures cool off below 75 degrees, Cactus Ropes featuring the new CoreTX are recommended.


  1. How many ropes come in a box?

Small box = 4 head / 3 heel

Medium box = 10 head/ 10 heel

Large box = 20 head / 20 heel


  1. What ropes do we make that are left-handed?

Our heel ropes and calf ropes can be twisted left-handed. Head ropes do not come in a left-handed twist.


  1. How many ropes do I need? Is one enough?

It is our recommendation to order three to five team ropes at a time. That way you can have one new dummy rope and four ropes stretched and ready at all times.


  1. How do I make my ropes last as long as possible and feel the most consistent?

The answer is good rope management. When you take your ropes out of the twisties put the loop around a round fence post or rail, walk to the end with the tags and lean back. This will give the rope your body weight stretch. Do this one time, maybe twice. Run about four steers with the rope on live cattle, coil it up perfectly then put it in your rope bag. Repeat this process with all of your new ropes. Get in this habit and do this process with your ropes every day when you practice. That will give you roughly 16-20 runs per night with great feeling ropes that will all stay consistent and last a very long time. Also when you get to the jackpot you will have a bag full of perfect feeling ropes to go win with!



  1. What is the difference between 100% Nylon and Poly Blend?

The properties of Nylon vs Poly allow each of the materials to stretch and rebound differently and also react slightly differently in hot vs. cold weather. Think of a rubber band when you stretch it and then let it retract. Nylon will stretch a certain length while Poly tends to not stretch as far. In nominal temperatures (60 to 85 deg F) the difference in stretch and rebound is so minimal a roper won’t feel it. When the temperature gets over 85 degrees, poly tends to not rebound as well as nylon and therefore we suggest using 100% nylon ropes when it is hot because they will rebound consistently and stay snappy even when the sun is beating down. As temperatures drop below 75, most Cactus Ropes will feel great with the CoreTX ropes feeling the absolute best in these conditions.




  1. Do I need to stretch my rope even though it has already been broken in?

Yes. Give your rope a body weight stretch before every practice session to activate the tip. Also, do this before the short round if you have waited more than a couple hours to rope your final steers at a jackpot.



  1. What are the lengths on our head and heel ropes?

Head Ropes = 32ft. Heel Ropes = 36ft. Calf Ropes = 28ft


  1. Which ropes are heavy/large diameter ropes? Smaller, lighter rope?

Ropes in order from smallest/lightest to largest/heaviest.






Whistler CoreTX


Xplosion CoreTX






Bad Boy



  1. What is your most popular calf rope?
  2. HOOey CoreTX and Weapon